Apr. 11th, 2010

Guess what? I actually did all three things I listed in yesterday's meme that I would do today. Hanging out online was inevitable and seeing my boyfriend was expected, but I actually also did some studying.

I am currently signed up for a health psychology course at Open University, and I have discovered that I do not prefer digital textbooks over talking textbooks as much as I used to think I did. In fact, I take much longer to read my textbook using my Braille display than I would take to listen to a DAISY book. Of course, I could be using synthetic speech to read my book, but I can't stand that voice and can't attend to it at all. The advantage of having a text-based textbook is, of course, that I can skip over all the tables and figure captions, which whoever is reading the talking book will often read in their entirety, usually with semi-comprehensible image descriptions added. That's how I know the woman who read my neuropsychology textbook isn't color blind. Anyway, I took about an hour to read 12 pages. That is not much for me, but not bad either. If I resolve to study an hour everyday, and I actually stick to my resolution, that would mean I could be finishing the course by the end of May. Attend to the meaning of "would" and "could" here.

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