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My mobile Internet service provider is rather weird. I have a special student contract by which you pay only E19.95 for unlimited data transfer while within the Netherlands. It is called "Carefree", and until now, that's what I thought it was. Yesterday, however, for whatever reason, I kept getting warnings that I'd exceeded my data use limit. I checked the limits settings and found out there's a limit of 400MB set. Internet still works, but I feared that after having exceeded the limit, I'd get to pay like E0.25 per MB or something, even though it wasn't in the contract.

Long story, which included lots of phone calls to the company, short: the contract indeed grants me unlimited data transfer. I can set my own limits and warnings, but they have nothing to do with the bills. Now I will have to see for myself of course whether I truly don't get huge bills. Too bad I won't see that till the end of the month. Just in case, I will be saving money to pay an exhorbitant Internet bill anyway.

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