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...Dreams of Wandering the Rainforest at Night.

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Birthdate:Jun 27, 1986
Location:Nijmegen, Netherlands
Website:Astrid's Journal
I am a twentysomething, cis woman with disabilities residing in a mental institution in the Netherlands - and yes, mine does have computers. However, I'm not sure I'll do much of my social justice writing here, since I have my WordPress blog for that.

I intend to keep the boring content of this journal public, but if I'm ever going to write anything interesting, there's a fair chance it will be access-only. No, that's a joke. In fact, most of my public content so far are memes and most of my friendslocked content are personal rants. I seriously intend to write some genuinely interesting stuff here, really! ;) My friending policy is moderate, in the sense that I won't friend just anyone, but if I know you elsewhere online, or even if I like your DW content, there's a good chance I will grant you access to mine. That is, of course, if I can actually see your very interesting DW content. ;)
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