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Now I don't remember whether Facebook had a CAPTCHA upon registration - probably it did -, and I don't care, since I already got an account. But for fuck's sake why do they have a CAPTCHA if you want to deactivate your account?! I bet it's something like them not only not wanting spammers to register, but them wanting to continue to spam everyone who isn't a spammer themself. I only have three "friends", but I get E-mail messages multiple times a week inviting me to events I don't want to attend and sending me messages asking whether I had a nice week-end - the last time I called the person who obviously sent that message to all of her "friends" in one click, she hung up on me, so I don't think she wants to know. And I don't want any more Farmville gifts either. Apparently, however, I have to prove that I am not a robot or disabled before they will stop bugging me. Note that they do provide audio CAPTCHAs, but those not only leave out the Deaf-Blind, but also don't always work on my very slow, mobile connection.

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