I am angry at Twitter today. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It won't have you create multiple accounts with the same E-mail address, so I had to go all the way to create a new E-mail address because I wanted a second Twitter account.
  2. The "List" and "Actions" buttons at the top op people's profiles don't work with my Braille display, or only some of the time, so I have to use a Twitter client exclusively for that.
  3. When I protected my tweets on one of my accounts, it turned out the friend requests thingy doesn't work with my Braille display, either. Therefore, I accidentally declined a wannabe follower I myself am following and really wanted to grant access. I now have unlocked my tweets again exclusively for this reason, so anyone who wants to follow me, can do so again. Bye bye privacy.
  4. I wanted to deactivate my second Twitter account, but I might need it again in the future. Twitter won't let you do that, or free your E-mail address/username. So, a third E-mail account for the deactivated Twitter account.
  5. TimesPeople (NYTimes.com) was connected to the now-deactivated Twitter account, and I didn't realize that you can't just reconnect; you have to revoke access first (which didn't work with my Braille display either). So, now I can't tweet from NYTimes.com anymore, because my tweets will land in limbo.
  6. On my still active Twitter account, I am stuck connected to a million services I don't use, because the Revoke Access button doesn't work.

I bet that the fact that I haven't given up Twitter altogether, is proof that it is addictive. ;)

Now I don't remember whether Facebook had a CAPTCHA upon registration - probably it did -, and I don't care, since I already got an account. But for fuck's sake why do they have a CAPTCHA if you want to deactivate your account?! I bet it's something like them not only not wanting spammers to register, but them wanting to continue to spam everyone who isn't a spammer themself. I only have three "friends", but I get E-mail messages multiple times a week inviting me to events I don't want to attend and sending me messages asking whether I had a nice week-end - the last time I called the person who obviously sent that message to all of her "friends" in one click, she hung up on me, so I don't think she wants to know. And I don't want any more Farmville gifts either. Apparently, however, I have to prove that I am not a robot or disabled before they will stop bugging me. Note that they do provide audio CAPTCHAs, but those not only leave out the Deaf-Blind, but also don't always work on my very slow, mobile connection.

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My mobile Internet service provider is rather weird. I have a special student contract by which you pay only E19.95 for unlimited data transfer while within the Netherlands. It is called "Carefree", and until now, that's what I thought it was. Yesterday, however, for whatever reason, I kept getting warnings that I'd exceeded my data use limit. I checked the limits settings and found out there's a limit of 400MB set. Internet still works, but I feared that after having exceeded the limit, I'd get to pay like E0.25 per MB or something, even though it wasn't in the contract.

Long story, which included lots of phone calls to the company, short: the contract indeed grants me unlimited data transfer. I can set my own limits and warnings, but they have nothing to do with the bills. Now I will have to see for myself of course whether I truly don't get huge bills. Too bad I won't see that till the end of the month. Just in case, I will be saving money to pay an exhorbitant Internet bill anyway.

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