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I am angry at Twitter today. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It won't have you create multiple accounts with the same E-mail address, so I had to go all the way to create a new E-mail address because I wanted a second Twitter account.
  2. The "List" and "Actions" buttons at the top op people's profiles don't work with my Braille display, or only some of the time, so I have to use a Twitter client exclusively for that.
  3. When I protected my tweets on one of my accounts, it turned out the friend requests thingy doesn't work with my Braille display, either. Therefore, I accidentally declined a wannabe follower I myself am following and really wanted to grant access. I now have unlocked my tweets again exclusively for this reason, so anyone who wants to follow me, can do so again. Bye bye privacy.
  4. I wanted to deactivate my second Twitter account, but I might need it again in the future. Twitter won't let you do that, or free your E-mail address/username. So, a third E-mail account for the deactivated Twitter account.
  5. TimesPeople (NYTimes.com) was connected to the now-deactivated Twitter account, and I didn't realize that you can't just reconnect; you have to revoke access first (which didn't work with my Braille display either). So, now I can't tweet from NYTimes.com anymore, because my tweets will land in limbo.
  6. On my still active Twitter account, I am stuck connected to a million services I don't use, because the Revoke Access button doesn't work.

I bet that the fact that I haven't given up Twitter altogether, is proof that it is addictive. ;)

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